Go Green - because Good Planets are Hard to Find

How we can help your company be Green!

With an office supply account we offer FREE document shredding. We provide you with a secure locking console, and each time you place an office supply order, we’ll pick up your shredding.

We’re sure by now you have an iPhone, Droid, or Blackberry. So where is your old phone? You know the one that didn’t have a camera, GPS, Internet, make you coffee? If you still have one, or like 100 of them, let us take them off your hands for FREE.

We also also offer FREE paper recycling, aluminum recycling and toner recycling. Why? Because good planets are hard to find.

There is only a nominal charge for e-waste. (computers, printers, keyboards, towers and even televisions) contact: chuck@pedrosplanet.com

How we here at SCI go Green!

We recycle our own waste, we compost our food scraps, and use reusable utensils and cups. We installed energy efficient lighting and a programmable thermostat to cut our energy use. It’s all part of our philosophy. We can work, be comfortable and do our part to cut down on the resources we use. These are just some of the things we do to make our office a better, more efficient place.

As members of the larger community we donate time and money to environmental groups working to help the planet. Our philosophy is always working to help you and others working to make the planet a better place.

Each week we recycle at least two tractor trailers (double stacked) full of paper which equates to half a million pounds a year or 250 tons.